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Features That the Best ePub reader Should Have

Google the phrase “The best ePub reader” and at least dozens of different items will flash before your eyes. Today’s lifestyle trend is geared towards a fast-paced life with information literally being streamed through social networking sites. Along with this and with the help of the internet, people can share information and communicate with each other with just a press of a button. Epub is short for electronic publication and is an open-source e-book standard. Open-source means that anyone can publicly access it. An ePub reader is a type of software that can open and view an epub document.

There are many applications and software that are designed to read epub documents. Before you decide on picking an ePub reader Chrome, an ePub reader Windows, or an ePub reader Android, you have to understand what these readers can do. Most of them take a short time to download and install and are user-friendly.


Cross-platform Ready

An ePub reader should be cross-platform ready. Cross-platform, also called multi-platform, refers to the quality of being able to be read by any device which includes, but is not limited to, smartphones, desktop computers, laptops, tablets, etc. Cross-platform readiness increases the versatility of the reader and makes it enjoyable on any devices regardless of size or brand.

Different devices have different operating systems (OS). For example, Apple devices have the iOS for their portable devices while Android devices have their own operating system. Blackberry phones also have their own operating systems. Even Windows used to have their own operating system (Windows Mobile) before switching and supporting Android. Cross-platform means that the reader will still run in devices even if they have different operating systems. A concrete example would be an Android ePub reader that will still run even when installed on a device running on Windows or vice-versa.


Reflowable Content

Epub is also coded for reflowable content which means that it can automatically adjust its content depending on the screen size of the device. With this feature, end-users need not worry about the orientation of their device (landscape or portrait) when reading epub files.

Full Desktop Support

Epub applications are commonly seen in mobile devices. It would be better if a desktop counterpart of the mobile application exists. This desktop application can be used as a storage of the epub documents stored in the phone or vice-versa. A desktop reader could also function as a backup for the epub files. Transfer of epub files should also be possible to the mobile device reader and the desktop reader.

ePUB Reader for Windows, Chrome, and Firefox

Free to Use or Pay to Use?

Most common epub readers are free and can easily be downloaded from the internet. However, some epub readers are initially free but some features are locked and can only be unlocked by paying a certain amount. There are also epub readers which are available for an initial period (trial period) and will be rendered unusable unless the user pays and buys the reader. This type of service may or may not put off potential customers. Since there are lots of free ePub reader available, a lot of people are not likely to go for those that need to be bought.

Quick and Easy Page-turning Feature

Navigation is a very important feature that ePub readers should have. Readers with a quick and easy navigation will be loved by readers and ensures that the eyes of the users of the application will not be strained too much.

Good User Interface

A good user interface is closely connected with the navigation feature. User interface will ensure that first-time users of the ePubapplication will easily understand how to use it as well as how to maximize the features that it has

Cloud Storage Capabilities

Another feature that an ePub reader should have is cloud storage capabilities. Cloud storage simply means that you can store your files online and retrieve it anywhere, anytime as long as you have an existing account with the cloud storage program you are using. In the case of the epub applications, cloud storage will truly be helpful since it adds another storage option for epub files and documents.

Dedicated Library

A dedicated library where users can browse, find, and more importantly, download their ebooks might be one of the best features that ePub readers can have. For easy browsing and searching of e-books, the library could come up with a feature that sorts e-books by genre, author, fiction or non-fiction, etc. If possible, the library should also have an algorithm that detects and analyzes the user’s reading preferences and makes ebook recommendations based on this preferences.

Bookmarking or wish listing should also be possible for users to be able to mark or add books to their “read later” list. The library should also be open for users to upload their ebook collections though this might present a problem especially if the ebook is a copyright material.

Interoperability with Other Applications

Interoperability is similar to cross-platforming but instead of being able to work in different operating systems, interoperability refers to the ePubapplication “communicating” with other applications. For example, the app can be connected to a dictionary application which could make it easier to define an encountered word in the ebook with a tap or flick of a finger.

Support for Other File Formats

The ePub reader should also be able to support other file formats other than epub files so that users need not convert any ebook files they have just because it is not in a specified file format. Any user will willingly embrace this feature with open arms as this lessens the time looking for another reader for another specific set of file formats. It’s all plug and plays as they say.

These days, you do not need to have an entire room full of books to enjoy reading your favorite titles. The convenience of being able to ready any reading material you want anytime anywhere is truly an innovation that is appreciated by many book lovers all over the world. Although a lot of people are still attached to actual paperback or hardbound books, even these people are likely to have electronic copies of some of these books on their smartphones and other mobile devices.

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