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The Tricks to Protect And Keep Your Laptop Safe

Laptop computers are becoming more popular with office workers or students of the university, it became necessary in any circumstance, but to get it we also have to give up some money not less, maybe for you, students then here also is a large property save in the new year how much there was. Therefore, protect the laptop is a matter of great interest in the user community.

Especially when you have to move a lot of places, travel, work from home, work in the place does not guarantee the security of information, your laptop will fall into the situation quite dangerous and may be broken at any time. The basics below will help you choose the bag to the office staff or the best backpack for college students to protect your laptop from the dangers that unwanted.

How to choose tthe backpack for college students to protect your laptop

+ Hardware accessories: The first thing to protect your laptop is protected by hardware accessories for laptop. You can reach the store specializes in selling the instruments or the heart, where you buy the laptop to find the matching accessories.

+ Use the sock bag: The kind of shock resistant quality bags are usually made of polyester and has a thick foam inside the bag. This foam structure formed a separate box created the elasticity and the ability to protect your high in these situations and beating as strong as when it is dropped from a height of about 1 m or the constraints. In addition, the plastic layer in addition also waterproof and insulated. But the most important thing when you choose shock resistant bags for the laptop is to choose your size suits bags. Because if the bag is too big or too small, it will not affect your laptop protection.

+ Buy burglar locks: You should buy a burglar locks to lock the laptop fixed on a certain position when you leave that you are in a place that is not his home or agency. In addition, currently on the market, there are many types of locks for laptop, which has a number of function key combinations and alarm bells.

+ Paste the screen: This accessory is essential even if your laptop does not have a touch screen, it helps protect the screen against fingerprints, anti-glare and can help you more easily view the details than the original, there are also resistant to scratches.

+ Clean the screen: screen laptop just like that helps all the information, the data are shown on the screen, if damaged, then you have a powerful computer, though, works well enough, you can’t do anything. Therefore, clean the screen and take care it is urgently needed. First, you turn off the computer, unplug all the power jack to avoid leaking electricity.

Using a thin cloth, clean sheets and a type of specialized compounds to wipe the computer screen in a bottle of water in the form of the spray to spray lightly, both on the screen, use the cloth to wipe the entire screen lightly and around the corner. The slot is easy for dust, and you should carefully wipe the slot carefully.

Absolutely do not use other chemicals such as soaps, washing water or marine water, tap water because the salt-containing minerals not yet purged will cause mold and moisture damage on the screen.

+ Protect your keyboard: You should clean your keyboard regularly to avoid mildew bacteria can cling on the keys, this can also help you protect your hands from getting infected with the bacterium. The best thing is you can use a piece of thin silicon keyboard cover back, avoiding the careless do you pour water onto the computer, resistant to dirt and wear over time.

In addition, you can periodically take this toilet out of silicon, exposure to drain and use, very convenient and safe.

+ Use a vacuum cleaner for laptop: should be used regularly because if the dust clings on long will hamper contacts between the circuit and press the keys, causing the phenomenon of dead keys. Vacuum the ventilation holes, plugging the USB ports, HDMI port. You can also open the lid of the plastic cover underneath the laptop for radiator parts such as rotors, the RAM slot, drive hard laptop.

Next, you use the swab or small brush hook things like dirt, hair, crumbs out of the keyboard, the serial port peripheral exposure, the niches below the laptop, you must remember to do really carefully to avoid breaking the welds or the circuit connection on the mainboard.

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